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quickstrike's Story

The following is a record of events of Galaxy 10 from my perspective...

  • Turns 1-180: The usual was happening where I build my empire from scrap and did slow scouting. I didn’t take any screenshots because nothing was happening. I allied with Satai and diglis (although diglis soon became inactive). I conquered 3-4 neighbors systems that were inactive and I earned a reputation of -27 or so. The reputation was capped at -9 per inactive. In addition, I also ally with Minkis.

The First Quick Strike War : The Phantom and gingerbill

  • Turn 180:

The Phantom (gray) declares war on me (green) and begins taking the system in the background. I assemble a battle fleet.

  • Turn 185:

The fleet comes together.

  • Turn 233:

Minkis joins in the fight and The Phantom is left with just 1 planet.

  • Turn 282: gingerbill (red now) declares war! He was kinda new, and I was able to construct planetary defenses and destroy his fleet as it entered one of my systems. I begin to invest in cloaked ships (frigates). You can see a fleet of corvette bombers (uncloaked) heading to his system. I also begin placing cloaked scouts in his system, to keep me updated of ship/fleet movement.

At this point (if I remember correctly), the ranking is 1) me, 2) Gedrin (peace), 3) Satai (ally), 4) gingerbill (enemy).

  • Turn 297: My fleet of cloaked bombers begins to assemble. It’s pretty sweet how close they can get without detection.

  • Turn 314: THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!

I’m green, Satai is light green, Gedrin is blue, gingerbill is red, Rismagi is yellow. Also, up to this point, Minkis got bored and was forking over planets. You can see Gedrin’s fleet trying to take over Minkis’ systems, but Minkis was allowing me to conquer them before Gedrin does.

The Second Quick Strike War : Gedrin

  • Turn 331: Gedrin declares war! I now label him as purple. It was kinda played out the way Satai and I wanted, quickstrike and Satai vs. gingerbill and Gedrin, or in other words 1st+3rd vs. 2nd+4th.

Gedrin now begins to take a few of my systems. I begin assembling another fleet of fighters at hopefully the next intended target.

  • Turn 353: I regain one of my systems, and he moves to another system. At this point, Satai was busy taking care of Tjahaha. It also seems that bob_ninja (dark orange) came in and stole a few of Tjahaha’s systems while Satai was conquering them. According to Satai, “This is simply intolerable” so Satai is fighting bob_ninja to get those systems he stole. As soon as she felt bob was no longer a threat, she would come and help me fight Gedrin/gingerbill. Satai, removes bob from her side of the galaxy, and it seems bob is only left with 2 systems on the other side of the galaxy.

After taking care of bob, Satai begins moving her fleet towards Gedrin. At this point, we were wondering whether I should go for gingerbill and she should go for Gedrin, or vice versa. gingerbill didn’t seem to do much offensively, so I decided that both Satai and I will direct our forces towards Gedrin.

  • Around Turn 355: The first of many fleet splitting occurs.

The turn before this, my fighting fleet was chasing the enemy and was JUST 5 units away from the enemy fleet. So the next turn, I was gonna have a battle report and hopefully lots of enemy ships destroyed. The next turn, this is what I see....

This is one of many WTF scenarios...

  • Turn 364: The fleet that had just exploded into many pieces begins to come together at another star. I reposition my cloaked fighting frigates at a nearby star, which I feel is the next target. BTW, it always seems that the battle will take place in the middle of the night, so time and again, I have to rely on admirals to do the battling for me...

Simple admiral...I go to sleep and hope for the best.

  • Turn 367: I wake up to this...

WTF!! At this point, I had a feeling a split was next...

  • Turn 368:

At this point, I was already getting very frustrated in the game. Nothing was happening the way I thought it would as far as admiral/ship behavior. You can also see in the picture, the fleet of corvettes (uncloaked) is heading downwards. I detected a fleet scan on them. So, Gedrin knew this fleet was headed towards his system. I went ahead and sectioned off all but a few corvettes. And sent the big, sectioned fleet off somewhere else. In addition, my cloaked bombers (you can see them in the background) begin their assault in another part of Gedrin’s system....

  • Turn 372:

You can see the fleet after it split (the real fleet is flying straight up), and Gedrin takes the bait.

  • Turn 376:

I didn’t build many cruisers...probably at most a handful. I did however start building my “uber death platform” AKA battleships. They begin to assemble...

A larger view of the galaxy...

  • Turn 376-462: Battles wage on and systems go back and forth between players, and, in one of my systems, gingerbill manages to take all but one planet. After that, gingerbill never really went on the offensive again, and I’m glad he didn’t because if he had been more offensive, I probably would have lost. Corruption was eating me up! Gedrin has about +20 rep and I was -27, and closing in on 40% corruption. Planets that were suppose to be producing 500+ a turn were only getting 350 or so. At one point, I almost felt that Gedrin was gonna win, and began thinking if I should begin forking over planets to Satai, who only had a reputation of -2. I tried to stick with it despite the low morale, and as my battleship fleet converged, I ordered them to drive into the heart of Gedrin’s systems. I figure if I’m destined to lose, then I’m gonna go down causing as much damage to my enemy as possible. It’s time to drive the stake into his heart! This is war! THIS IS SPARTA!!!:-P

  • Turn 462: Gedrin (now blue) has his fleet stationed at one of his home systems. My fleet of battleships is a couple turns away.

I manage to kill 64 of the 77 destroyers, as it retreats..^_^

  • Turn 528: Gedrin has been assembling cruisers and destroyers and has positioned them at the home system. My battleship fleet moves into his home system. This is the battle we’ve all been waiting for! The BIG battle! Up until now, it has been chasing and trying to regain planets, but this seemed like he would not retreat any further. After one turn of battle...

You gotta admit, it does look kinda pretty. ;-)

  • Turn 569:

The Third Quick Strike War : Bob_Ninja & Roanoke

Over the next few turns, you will see bob_ninja (in orange) taking over systems.

  • Turn 584:

  • Turn 590: I draw my battleship fleet towards roanoke...

  • Turn 591-617: bob_ninja begins attacking Gedrin and Satai. Satai gets critically injured with losing system after system. I am now drawn into the battle. I declare war on bob_ninja and take a one of his systems. He tries to take some off mine, but thankfully my fast battleships were nearby and were able to minimize my loss to a couple planets. My battleship fighters engage bob, and after a turn, he tries to retreat. I pursue...

  • Turn 617:

3 turns after this, his split fleet was destroyed. FINALLY! A split fleet that didn’t get away!! It was close though, it was about 1-2 turns away from a system.

Primary and Secondary fleets are mainly bombing and slowly conquering. My fighting fleet of battleships is trying to chase down remnants of bob’s cruisers, and newly built battleships. Uh oh! Fleets of bob and roanoke (whom I assume are allies by now) detected heading towards one of my far off systems. I now have a choice whether I should pursue bob’s grouping of battleships (kinda close) that is beginning to assemble (~10-15 ships) or go after this newly found fleet of destroyers ETA 10 turns. What should I do?!

I got it! I’ll split my fleet like last time, and have just 2 ships chasing away his battleships trying to keep them preoccupied and running away. The main fighting fleet will go towards the destroyers. Hopefully he won’t call my bluff!

  • Turn 649: Bob’s fleet “cornered”.

My fast fighters would intercept bob’s destroyers...

  • Turn 651: Battle takes place overnight. I wake up to this...


YAY! I destroyed his fleets! It’s finally over! Here’s a picture of the galaxy:

Note: Satai went inactive around turn 640ish. She plummeted from 3rd place, and I’m pretty sure her fleet was destroyed due to insufficient upkeep. I also went from -24 rep to -15 after I declared war on bob and had a single battle. I wasn’t expecting to get positive rep! ;) It wasn’t like any more negative rep was gonna hurt me. As it was 40% corruption was as bad as it could get.

At the end of it all, it was a fun galaxy, and after 3 major wars, the people of quickstrike could finally reign supreme in the galaxy!!

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