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Star Trek Team Galaxy Replay (Turn 190)


I was playing as Sulu on the Red Team (the Federation), reprising my role as a frontline vanguard for the team. Our opponents were the Blue Team (the Dominion). We were more than 23% in the lead at this point, with our fleet player (Uhura), on top of the charts having the most planets dedicated to him. Our vanguard players (myself, Q, 7 of 9, Ferengi) backed by Uhura’s heavies were threatening to raid their planets, but there was one problem.

The other team’s fleet was defending their territory. But with at least 2 heavy fleet players (Kudak’Etan and Ixtana’Rax) and also their vanguard players committing to their fleet (Omet’iklan, Thot Pran, Luaran of Vorta), it was too strong for us to go head on against.

A chance to break the stalemate eventually came about at turn 190, when their fleet started moving towards our half of the galaxy. The galaxy had a narrow shape, and it was easy to track enemy ship movement. They had bombing power and troops to hurt us, but so did we - and more importantly, we had the speed to counter attack them with.

Fleet positions (Turn 190)

A Chance is Spotted

Then our tacticians noticed an important fact. Their fleet was 281.2 units away from Kudak’s homeworld. And it was last clocked to be flying at less than 52 speed. That meant it was at least 6 turns away from defending his HQ.

Our fleet was 275.3 units away from hitting that target, which was supplying a large bulk of the enemy fleet. But there were many juicy targets along the way, one of which was an exotic planet we had moved in to attack. We could lose the chance to strike the HQ in time if we went for the exotic planet - or not.

So I drew up a route to the HQ. 7 of 9 had most of the troops, and those were needed the most. I was travelling at 67.3 speed. On the other hand, Ferengi had some extra troops too, but was at 59 speed. Uhura’s fleet were of a higher tech, and could travel in excess of 70 speed. Q had most of the bombers were flying at 61 speed

My idea was

Turn 191: Ferengi takes 301-4 (exotic planet) which was 57.4 units away from fleet and drops all his troops and leaves his ships behind.

Turn 192: Sulu & 7 of 9 attack 201-2 (44 prod planet) which was 67.1 units away from 301-4, while the rest of fleet head straight for Kudak’s HQ (Q ships weren’t fast enough to take the detour route, and were more needed for the HQ. So Uhura would escort them)

Turn 194: Sulu & 7 of 9 continue towards 101-4 (45 prod planet), 128.0 units away from their 201-2, hoping to divert enemy fleet attention.

Turn 195: Sulu & 7 of 9 meets up with the rest of the fleet at Kudak HQ juicy (102-5) which was 65.7 units away from 101-4, making a one turn jump across the system possible. More interestingly, their only other exotic planet was in this system, heavily guarded by Founder’s pd, making the bombers even more essential for the success of the mission.

We could lay waste to 3 shipyards and an exotic planet in 5 turns, while giving enough time for our troopships to arrive in Kudak HQ, which had their only other exotic planet. Taking both exotic planets out should have meant a clear advantage for us.

Launching a Second, Simultaneous Attack

On top of that, I actually had another stealth fleet sneaking under enemy planets towards Ixtana’s HQ, and was expecting to biobomb his HQ out of existence. (Green arrow in the image above)

Stealth fleet sneaking to attack other fleet player's HQ (Turn 190)

Top down view of the flight plans of both fleets (Turn 190)

The Main Assault Begins

Most of the first part when according to plan

The battle for the exotic planet (Turn 191)

Ground battles at 3/0/1 and 2/0/1 (Turn 191 & 192)

But there was one problem.. I forgot to relay the message to the others to move directly to Kudak HQ after we took the exotic planet, and they weren’t moving on, meaning we’d be one turn behind on schedule. Worse still, the enemy fleet was bearing down on our fleet, so we didn’t have the luxury of another turn to make up for it. That meant the bulk of our bombing power might not reach in time to launch an attack on the exo in Kudak’s HQ.

Enemy fleet, tracked by scouts, bearing down on our fleet (Turn 192)

The Stealth Attack Prepares

Elsewhere, at Ixtana’s HQ, our fleet had moved into position, and planet scans showed that we couldn’t take the HQ that turn, but were free to land some biobombs. In fact, scans showed the HQ had 17 autofacts, and was a prime target to be taken out, even if it was just harmlessly piling wealth at the time.

Planet scan of Ixtana HQ showing 17 autofactories, but just piling wealth (Turn 193)

So biobombers were set to land a few bombs to try and disrupt their shipyards, in hope of swinging the heavy fleet battle in our favour later. Meanwhile, a HQ juicy was just defended by 30 unbunked troops, so the cloaked fleet split its troopships to engage the enemy on the other front.

Attack on Ixtana HQ (Turn 193)

Minor Hiccup at Ixtana HQ

Things started to fall apart at around turn 194 however. We biobombed Ixtana’s HQ, but didn’t have time to deal more damage as his destroyers were called back to his systems soon after. Worse still, the attack on Ixtana’s juicy planet did not break through, requiring another turn before conquering - another turn that we did not have the luxury to have. I didn’t even have enough firepower in my cloaked fleet to go head on against a single Ixtana destroyer.

Failed attempt at conquering both Ixtana and Kudak planets (Turn 194)

Bigger Problems at Kudak HQ

Back at Kudak’s HQ, we had another situation. Like at Ixtana’s HQ, the Kudak juicy planet attack failed, needing another turn for conquer. Their main fleet was still hot on our tails, but we should be able to finish off the planet. I left few troopships behind to take Kudak’s planet, sending the bulk of the rest of the fleet, and 7 of 9’s troopships to join up with Uhura and the others to take out their other exotic planet as planned. We were one turn behind the original schedule, but the enemy fleet was still far enough for us to be able to wreak havoc and get out of there.

Or so I thought.

The delay at turn 192 earlier, meant that only Uhura and my bombers would reach their last exotic planet in time. Scans had showed 101k of pd hitpoints on the planet, and we had 80k bombing power at most. But it was a strategically important planet, and we decided to go after the planet even if it meant the fleet would take quite some damage.

The next turn (turn 195) is processed... I await the results of our attacks. First of all, the Ixtana results weren’t all that good - I biobombed his HQ, but only managing to kill 1 citizen, having withdrawn my other biobomber to safety; and I failed to conquer his HQ juicy, which had 4 troops defending against my 5 - and my attackers despicably lost the battle. A full withdrawal was ordered, as newly christened Ixtana destroyers bore down on the cloaked fleet.

But it was in Kudak’s HQ that things were the most interesting. I finished off the planet we attacked earlier last turn, giving at least some good news, but then I checked the results of the attack on their last exotic planet.

Battle report at their last exotic planet


We took heavy damage, but the planet shields were almost down. We could almost take their last exotic planet. But, a check of the galaxy map again, showed how close the margins were. Q’s ships were only 3.3 units away - and they were sorely missed in the battle. Had we managed to get them there in time, the shields could have already been down.

But more alarmingly, we wouldn’t have time to finish off the planet defences next turn. The enemy fleet had gotten back. The PD did its job in delaying our attacks for their fleet to arrive. We had no choice, we had to abandon plans to take the planet :(

Galaxy view of the enemy fleet rushing back to defend their HQ

The Climax

Where can we go? What was the plan? Most of our fleets were fast enough to outrun their fleet in fact, so we decided we’ll go and hit Kudak’s HQ first. Then manoeuvre and get out of there. We had at least dealt some damage to their exotic production and main shipyards, for losses of some obsolete ships. It sounded still like a good deal.

Uhura set in a course for Kudak HQ. A red dotted line pointing to the target is spotted he says. The rest of the fleet would follow him. The enemy can’t reach the HQ in time. We would abandon the exotic planet. The fleet steadied itself to warp to Kudak HQ. Ready.. steady.. and..

Epic battle report (Turn 196)

The Battle That Should Have Never Been

BAM!! Our ships didn’t run !! Uhura was sure he set an order to hit the HQ. The trajectory was carefully calculated. (The galaxy replays show that the ships were still ordered to attack the exotic planet.) But we should have been safe regardless. We had the space, and the speed to run. The Dominion must have discovered a new warp inhibitor that didn’t let us run. A new weapon in the CS universe, it’s only logical. None but our troopships survived the attack. Things were so well-planned, but it had all gone wrong.


Well, the rest of the galaxy turned out to be less eventful. The forays forward actually did do enough damage to stop their two main heavy fleet players from producing for a good while. And Uhura eventually used his tech advantage to build an aweszome fleet that would conquer the galaxy.

And so after a bit of drama, we finally won the galaxy despite the setback at Kudak HQ, boldly going where no man has gone before - to conquer new worlds, and to gain cosmic supremacy.


Over at the Dominion side, there was also a lot of interesting conversation going on amidst the conflict. Read them here.

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