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Arcady's Research Calculator

Can be found here: Arcady's Research Calc

Arcady's Ship Design Calculator

Zoot's Research Calculator

Can be found here: Zoot's Research Calc

Uncountednose's Planet Calculator

Planet Calculator

What it does: It will calculate a planet from any starting point you put in and tell you when it reaches certain goals such as max population, queue completion etc... It will also tell you the final stats on said planet such as upkeep, max output of all types, planetary space used(nicely coded to change colors as you reach the limit of your maximum space). I have included some civ traits so you can compare the relative effectiveness of those(will add all civ traits and doctrines as they become finalized). Why is this helpful? Because you can try a whole bunch of building strategies really quickly to fine tune your strategy. What kind of questions can it answer?

-Is it better to do all farmers when you first colonize a planet?

-If so is it better to go to 4 farmers or 5 farmers or more?

-If you start recruiting military early how much do the loyalty bonuses help you and do they offset the cost of making the military?

-Is it better to take a 5% production and a 5% farming or just a 7% farming bonus?

-Which is a better farmer proportion while growing, 40% or 60%?

-Should you build farm, farm, factory, farm or farm, farm, farm, factory?

-How many colony ships can you build in 50 turns and what is the best order to build in.

Thats right it has a fully customizable queue, if fact it has two. One to start with and one to execute once you reach max pop. You can only use one of them or both. There are issues though, minor in my opinion but they are there nonetheless. here are my know issues:

-Military, when calculating rank for starting military and military shipments the rank is calculated as a whole. I could fix this but that would be a lot of trouble. It would also require you, the user, to input all those ranks seperately.

-Military, when calculating rank of military made on the planet if you build a colony ship it will subtract the bottom two of those military. Unfortunately the removed military retain their rank so newly created military will start out with these ranks. I plan on fixing this in future versions, its doable but tedious.

-Production, in some situations in the real game you will create wealth even when producing items. This happens when your leftover production exceeds the cost of the next facility/ship. This is not calculated so if you decide to queue 4 auto-factories and then build your first farm you will get inaccurate results. No plans to fix this. Deal with it.

-Wealth, It does not calculate piling up wealth, just wealth from citizens. No plans to fix this either.

-I am not sure that my PD calculations are correct, any input on that would be much appreciated.

-Not sure if loyalty from military is calculated correctly but since i am not in a game i cannot confirm that.

-Queue, if you use the starting queue but not the max pop queue then the queue completion time will be the same as your max pop time. I may fix this.

If any other errors are found please let me know and i will fix them. Mostly I want players to compare spreadsheet results with in-game results and report discrepencies to me in exacting detail. I figure thats the least I can ask for since I think this is a valuable tool that I am freely sharing. Honestly, I am such a nerd that I really enjoyed making it.

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